Our Operations Supernova, Antonia, is exactly that, a powerful, luminous, explosion of light, happiness and positivity with a touch of OCD. Multitalented by nature and by experience, our Tonia has many accolades to her name -marketeer, retail specialist, business developer, manager, stylist, organizer and international relationship expert to name but a few. As a true Brit, she was born and bred in London where she attended a catholic convent school and then went on to obtain a degree in Mathematics. After experiencing life as a mathematics lecturer, she decided that it was time for a change and a brand-new journey, so she packed her designer bags and moved to Cyprus. Here she had the opportunity to grow and experience a diverse and exciting career which culminated in the immaculate fusion of ‘Tonia x Constandia’. A match truly written in the stars.

Extra Bonus: If you have a broken cat, she’ll fix it, give it a name, keep it and allow it to become her master.