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Because CAL is a lifestyle.
We seek for the impossible and we make it happen.

We are a boutique one stop communication agency offering one-on-one attention and a tailor approach delivering maximum exposure and game-changing results.

We are not just a creative studio, a design firm or just a super team who can tell your story in a more beautiful and inspiring way.

We are all of the above and so many more.

We believe in quality versus quantity.

We help our clients to create content and communicate their stories effectively to gain the maximum exposure and generate sales.

We offer traditional PR & Media outreach, Social Media Marketing Strategy & Online Visibility, special Event PR & Production & Personal Branding and Image Consulting services.

We specialize in consumer lifestyle campaigns for both established and emerging companies.

We’re always accessible – when you speak with someone at CAL office, you will immediately hear back from us.



Cal Creative Communication can guide you through each aspect of your marketing needs, in order to devise a marketing plan that is specific to your business and industry.

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From a situation check up, which will determine where your business is and where you want it to go, to a strategy formulation to devise the steps to get you where you want to be, to the strategy implementation.

We can help companies align marketing and brand strategy with their business objectives, and ensure that their marketing investments are generating the highest possible return.



Public relations are a crucial part of a company’s image. Based on this mindset, our agency designs actions which need to be taken in order to gain the maximum possible exposure for your business.

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Utilising our own strong relationships with key persons and organisations in the press, we communicate your products and services, as well as specific actions designed to promote and establish an image for your business which will act as an incentive for public preference.

This is achieved through the circulation of press releases, the establishment of relationships with opinion leaders, developing relations with the media and much more.



We can handle all your advertising needs, whether these are media services, social media marketing, copywriting services, graphic design, video and photo shoots, and most important your whole brand identity.

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Through our extensive network of associates, we can procure lower prices and high quality, and create advertising campaigns which will set you apart from the crowd, increase brand awareness and promote customer loyalty.



Whether big or small, corporate or private, designing and accomplishing the perfect result for your event, based on your vision as well as your budgeting restrictions is something Cal Creative Communication knows how to do well.

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Your big splash for your fortieth is of no less importance to us than your grandiose corporate event. However, for businesses we develop and implement remarkable promotional and corporate events that make a business stand out, reinforcing the image they want to project and deliver the utmost satisfaction to both the business and their guests.

We can handle all aspects of these events, from the planning stage to press releases covering an event in the press, to celebrity networking which can turn a happening into a great success.


Τeam Cal


Constandia , The Boss

Workaholic, Mommy, Traveller, Creative Thinker, Fashion Obsessed… in one word, SUPERWOMAN! Also known as #TheBoss, Cal Creative Communication’s Director and PR & Media Expert, has studied Mass Media and PR and has 20 years of experience in the media, public relations and advertising field.

Despite her experience, Constandia never stops seeking opportunities to learn new things! Working as a Consultant for both International and local brands, as a Public Relations Manager for various organisations and as a Project Leader for large scale events, Constandia knows exactly what needs to be done and how.

Her love for fashion, beauty and style, gives her a competitive edge in both representing firms around these fields and creating the perfect image for her clients whilst leading them on the right career path. So, keep CAL(m) and trust THE BOSS!

Extra bonus: Have you seen her shoe collection?!



Andrea , The PR Manager

Cal’s dynamic PR Manager, Andrea, holds a degree in Media & Design.

However when it comes to strategic #communication and working with people, oh boy she can make things work perfectly the way she wants (it’s going to be her absolutely perfect way or no way at all)!

Andrea has years of experience in the #Marketing and #Advertising industry and her creative spirit and organisational skills always deliver the best #PR solutions and ideas to the clients. What makes her the right person for Cal is that she is willing to step out of her comfort zone to get the job done!

Extra bonus: Her loud personality!



Mary , The Content Creator & PR Executive

This beautiful fashionista has a growing passion for content marketing, minimalism and her two dogs! She holds a Bachelor degree from Salford University in Manchester in Arts & Photography, while at the moment, she is completing her master's degree in Business Administration & Marketing. Mary is in love with bags and white tulips -that's the two things you'll definitely see at her office when you visit us!

Extra Bonus: YES, she looks gorgeous EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.



Irene , The Content Creator & PR Executive

Her passion for music is one of the main reasons she joined the CAL band, a place where people rock. She loves her job because it combines creativity with the 'power of knowledge' and interaction with great people: her teammates and CAL’ S clientele. She is a Pisces, the perfect explanation for her love for the sea, swimming and seashells. On another note, Irene is a fitness addict and she holds a BA in Communication and Internet Studies and an MSc in Marketing.

Extra Bonus: Irene was hired through a Zoom call, while #TheBoss was on self isolation. How cool is that?!



Miranda , The Art Director

Miranda aka #Mirandaki The Chic Lady, has a degree in Graphic Design from the Technological Institute of Athens. She has worked in Athens and Dubai before finding the place she feels most at ease, the #CALOffice! Mirandaki, our cal(m) force is a fashion magazines addict, she loves French songs, Rob Janoff’s design aesthetic and above all, chocolate! She loves being at CAL since she learns something new every day, even after decades of design experience. To her, CAL is the place to be. For us, she is the person you need at every office.  

ExtraBonus: Miranda shares the same motto as Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow is another day”.



Loukia , The Designer

Loukia, or #Loukaki as #TheBoss calls her since officially joining #TeamCal, holds a BA in Web Design & Development and an MBA, however what truly defines her, is her love for contemporary art, high aesthetics and flowers, all of which drove her to the #CalOffice in the first place. Loukia has always been an #Instagram fan of the #CalCulture and she says that CAL was love at first sight. But guess what!? We feel the same way about her! As a designer, she is super creative and always pushes the boundaries by finding inspiration in the most crazy places! She is very lucky that at #CAL, inspiration is abundant.
Extra Bonus: She is the funniest person you will ever meet, but she will keep talking with anyone and anything F-O-R-E-V-E-R!


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Let's rock together!

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