Walking into the office you will most probably hear a somewhat loud voice chit chatting away on the phone to a client, that’s our Sof! A little box of energy with a cut off switch that transcends her into the chill out version of her. A total multi- faceted persona that believes in personal growth and balance in everything.

A BA Hons in Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations from London, means she’s by no means just a pretty face. Sharp and always on the ball, she will trailblaze her way through her tasks and stop for a sandwich along the way.

A little ‘dirty’ gets you far with our little Sof, as dirty martinis are her favourite tipple and if you throw in a pizza and a Queen soundtrack her powers become LIMITLESS.

Extra Bonus: At first glance she may seem a little Woodstock but her ultimate values are defined by Love – Learning, Opportunity, Versatility and Evolution. A little Piscean that swims against the grain.