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As a creative one-stop communication agency we aim to help businesses to find the best way to spread the news of the products or services they offer in order to attract customers and increase brand awareness and loyalty.



Cal Creative Communication can guide you through each aspect of your marketing needs, in order to devise a marketing plan that is specific to your business and industry. From a situation check up, which will determine where your business is and where you want it to go, to a strategy formulation to devise the steps to get you where you want to be, to the strategy implementation. We can help companies align marketing and brand strategy with their business objectives, and ensure that their marketing investments are generating the highest possible return.


Public relations are a crucial part of a company’s image. Based on this mindset, our agency designs actions which need to be taken in order to gain the maximum possible exposure for your business. Utilising our own strong relationships with key persons and organisations in the press, we communicate your products and services, as well as specific actions designed to promote and establish an image for your business which will act as an incentive for public preference. This is achieved through the circulation of press releases, the establishment of relationships with opinion leaders, developing relations with the media and much more.


We can handle your advertising needs, whether these are media services, social media marketing, copywriting services, graphic design, video and photo shoots, and most important your whole brand identity. Through our extensive network of associates, we can procure lower prices and high quality, and create advertising campaigns which will set you apart from the crowd, increase brand awareness and promote customer loyalty.


Whether big or small, corporate or private, designing and accomplishing the perfect result for your event, based on your vision as well as your budgeting restrictions is something Cal Creative Communication knows how to do well. Your big splash for your fortieth is of no less importance to us than your grandiose corporate event.

However, for businesses we develop and implement remarkable promotional and corporate events that make a business stand out, reinforcing the image they want to project and deliver the utmost satisfaction to both the business and their guests. We can handle all aspects of these events, from the planning stage to press releases covering an event in the press, to celebrity networking which can turn a happening into a great success.


Our clients


  • In the course of our lives, we meet a lot of people, especially if our job relates to the general public. There are a lot of get-togethers, a lot of faces, a lot of ‘pleased to meet you’ as well as partnerships, which either last for a short while or for a longer period. Some of these people are special, some become dear, some become friends. My dear Constandia, I met you a few years ago. You are one of those people who have won me over with their truthfulness, their intelligence, their positive energy and their graciousness. I wish for this to be the beginning of a road full of happy moments, good partnerships and inspiration, and for them all to comprise success, as you personally define it. Wishing you and your partners at Cal Creative Communication unlimited vigor and accomplishment of all your goals. I will be here for you, in anything you may need.

    Despina Olympiou


  • In the course of my career in this field, I have come to appreciates harpness, the ability to accomplish certain projects, speediness, education, a comprehensive knowledge of many issues, the correct command of the Greek language and good character. Believe me when I say that it is difficult to find all these in a single partner. And if you do, do not let him or her go. I have found that Constandia, after so many years of knowing her, has all of these traits, along with an infinite appetite for work and natural talent. All these make her into a rare and above all, valuable partner. Cal Creative Communication the PR office she founded and directs is a huge success story and it could never have been anything else.

    Tasos Tryfonos

    Journalist, Radio Producer, TV Presenter

  • I have been working with Costandia for many years, ever since she was an Editor-in-chief for a weekly magazine, and we have never stopped collaborating after that. That's because Costandia's passion for her job makes her the ideal colleague. She's professional to the max and highly creative. Whenever she is in charge of a photographic production or a concept campaign, you know everything will be organised carefully to every single detail. Her outstanding ideas and enthusiasm, with which she treats every new project, make working with her a huge pleasure. You'll never need to question whether Cal Creative Communication, in which she is the director, is a PR and Marketing Boutique that can accomplish every project undertaken. With Costandia in charge, you can take one thing for granted: success.

    Pantelis Hadjiminas

    Freelance Photographer

  • I have known Constandia since 2008 and we had a great cooperation and communication. Constandia has helped us tremendously with the book titles and the authors that we wanted to promote in Cyprus. She is outstandingly talented and has a great gift for promotion. She is charming and capable. She establishes exceptionally good relations with her clients and this magic combination is at the heart of her success. Her beautiful smile and her passion for what she does as well her kindness, make her unique, a true professional. Constandia you are right. ‘Being creative IS your way of life’. Keep it up and keep going. Thank you for everything.

    Alexandra Avgerinou

    Head of Communication Dioptra Publishing, Athens

  • As a book publisher I want to see our books almost everywhere in the media world. This is where Constandia comes in and makes sure that our authors and books are present. She combines warmth and enthusiasm with a high degree of professionalism. She is full of innovative ideas and very proactive. Her energy and commitment to her work is simply unique and her passion for what she does infects all those around her. I’d be delighted to recommend Constandia to anybody looking for excellent PR and event organizing.

    Constantine Papadopoulos

    CEO Dioptra Publishing, Athens

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Constandia Demetriadou

Constandia Demetriadou describes herself as: Mummy, Believer, Traveller, Sushi Addicted and Fashion Obsessed! Cal Creative Communication’s director and PR & Media Expert, has been in the field of the media, public relations and advertising since 2001, after completing her studies in Communications. She has had the role of Editor-in-Chief of some of the most popular magazines in Cyprus (“Beautiful People”, 2006 - 2008, “To Periodiko”, 2008 - 2013) and she currently enjoys her responsibilities as Editor - in - Chief of “HELLO!” magazine, published by the largest media group in Cyprus, Phileleftheros, from 2015 to date. Her love of all things fashion, beauty and style gives her a competitive edge in both representing firms that deal in these fields, and creating the perfect image for all others. A former and current public relations consultant for various organisations and project leader for large scale events, she always knows exactly what needs to be done and how, and she will not let her clients stray from the right path!

Eleni Zeniou

Cal’s Marketing Executive, Eleni Zeniou, holds an Msc from Charles University Prague, and is also a Certified Social Media Manager. She is wildly curious and wants to know everything about everything, which makes her both extremely useful and sometimes, utterly annoying. With a practical mind and an artistic soul, she will solve problems while making them look pretty, in any of the five languages she commands. Her freakish organisational and observation skills enable her to find everything the other two keep losing, and her obsession with saving paper has reduced the office consumption levels by great amounts. A meaningful and valued member of this team, she can make you laugh and definitely get the job done!

Kyriakos Augousti

Our Art Director, Kyriacos Avgousti, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Communication. Like the other two, he is a bit of a perfectionist, which is good for all others but bad for himself! Young, talented, fresh, always looking to add that special detail which will make his designs both original and breath-taking, he has a heart of gold that always makes him eager to please Cal’s clients, as well as his colleagues. Besides, as Thomas Watson Jr. once said, “Good design is good business”! The rest of the team loves him for his sense of humour and his integrity.

Maria Georgiadou

Maria has this unique way of understanding and passing on her knowledge about advertising. Graduate with a bachelor of Creative Advertising, Maria never stopped pursuing her passion for design, beauty and dancing. Constantly discovering new ways in developing herself both personally and professionally. She is a great listener, and a great listener often gives the best of advices.

Stella Mavri

Cal’s Marketing Executive, Stella Mavri, holds a Classics and Philosophy bachelor and also an MSc in Counselling Psychology and Career Guidance. Stella in Latin means 'star'. She is a star in her own way, even if she does not have Hollywood charm, since she is always the one who is talking the most, with her open-hearted character and clever humor. She loves to read, which gives her knowledge about many things around the world which makes her a great researcher. Being a promoter and focused on the job, she is always willing to help others, while rarely asking for something for herself. She wants to see Cal’s members and clients happy since she loved Cal from the very first minute! She is a supporter of healthy eating and cleaning and loves nature and travel. Her extra social skills is an extra bonus for Cal.